A Proper Pile of Piketty Posts

Over the past few weeks I have written several pieces on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. It is likely that there are more to come. But here is a convenient round-up of the posts so far, with permalinks:

Summers’s Review of Piketty: Underestimating the Argument for the Forces Driving Inequality

How Hassett Gets Piketty Wrong

Nothing Magical about Piketty’s Mathematics

A Flaw in The Economist’s Explanation of Piketty

Laissez-faire’s Piketty Problem

6 thoughts on “A Proper Pile of Piketty Posts

  1. I found your comments in a recent post of Naked Capitalism very useful after mulling about Piketty for a couple of months ( I do not know standard economics). I think those comments and some of the posts that I read here clarify several misrepresentations of Piketty. I do not want to glorify Piketty; I have a vague suspicion that he he is more for the middle class than the poor in spite of the moving passage on page 39. In any case, I think that it is an important book and there is a good chance it will be misunderstood. I wonder whether it would be possible to collect your comments in a long article in one place in some sort of questions and answers format and also mention some of the other reviews. Thanks.


  2. Hi, Dan: I just want to say that your comments on this post at Naked Capitalism were really helpful for me whose strong suit is not economics. Though other commenters critiqued the level of detail, I found that the detail and the logical way in which it was presented clarified your points for me. I could actually work through the argument rather than just accept a concise statement of it. Thanks!

    I agree with gaddeswarup’s comment. It might be good to have a more general post on what Picketty actually says and what others are saying, incorrectly, about that.


  3. Thanks gaddeswarup and Jeff. I’m working on some other posts to clarify the argument. I’m also trying to work up some slides and spreadsheets.


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