My Piketty Series Resurfaces

Back in April through June of 2014, I did a lot of research on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century, and wrote a series of twenty blog posts for my old blog, Rugged Egalitarianism, specifically dealing with the arguments of that book. Last year I exported all of the contents of that blog for future use – and then deleted the blog, and forgot about it.

But the Piketty-related posts were fairly well-received. So I have now imported those old posts to this, my new blog, along with a handful of other economics and economic policy posts. Now that Harvard University Press has published a new anthology, After Piketty: The Agenda for Economics and Inequality, I expect that I will be returning to my previous work and offering new thoughts on the recent directions the discussion of Piketty’s book has taken.

I had to go through each of the posts individually to repair the internal links. I hope I fixed them all, but if the reader finds a link that is still broken, please let me know. You can find the posts in the blog roll below, but here is a handy list of links to all of the posts in the Piketty series, listed from earliest to last:

Cowan on Piketty and Science

Laissez Faire’s Piketty Problem

A Flaw in the Economist’s Explanation of Piketty

Nothing Magical about Piketty’s Mathematics

How Hasset Gets Piketty Wrong

Summers’s Review of Piketty: Underestimating the Argument for the Forces Driving Inequality

A Proper Pile of Piketty Posts

Naked Piketty – with a Bonus Spreadsheet!

The Financial Times’s Lazy Reading of Piketty

Let’s End the Confusion Over Piketty’s Second Fundamental Law

Piketty on the Dynamics of Inequality

Emergency: The World Needs Much Better Piketty Reviews

What Is Piketty’s Model?

Taking Stock at my Cottage Piketty Industry

Why is r > g So Significant for Piketty?

The Rate of Return on Capital is Not a Growth Rate

Piketty’s Second Fundamental Law and Some Fallacious Reasoning about Savings

The Growth of Wealth and the Rate of Return on Capital

A Derivation of Piketty’s Second Fundamental Law of Capitalism

Cooper on r > g and the Return to Capital

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